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We help businesses discover innovation that leads to sales.


Serendipity Interactive is an insights-driven strategy consulting firm that supports executives and their teams to develop and promote innovation through the entire idea lifecycle from conceptualization to implementation.


The result is innovative strategies that help firms match the right product with the right services, ultimately leading to more profits.


Serendipity Interactive Consulting

Where business strategy and consumer mindset meet

Exploration to Transformation

 In the age of digital disruption, data drives strategy and innovation. Many of our clients have data but don't have anyone to help them synthesize it. Others are lacking data and are not sure where to turn to get the facts they need.

Serendipity's team of Innovation Architects will help you pull together the right data and insights and help you build a strong strategic framework.  And once you're ready to move forward, we will help you with the change management plan needed to override the existing processes and habits that can derail the most compelling strategy. 

Partners in Pioneering

Most leaders can agree that forward-thinking will differentiate you, help extend and evolve your brand, and further connect your teams, your clients, and new markets—on a global, multichannel scale. Serendipity helps you not only achieve differentiation but also anticipate what it takes to stay ahead of the competition. We coach and collaborate with you to ensure your solution is top-notch and successful.  True innovation requires a solid plan and stellar execution. Until then, it remains just an idea.

With start-up to Fortune 500 experience, our team possesses real-world, deep experience in strategy formulation, customer experience management, technical implementation, and business innovation and engagement.

You provide the destination, we provide the compass, moving together in the right direction ... forward.


A unique boutique

Serendipity Interactive is a boutique firm focused on clients who are serious about changing their direction and exploring new strategies, inclusive of digital, multichannel, integration, excellence, brand, and customer relations.


Envision your future

We help you envision the end state; we chart the course by which to reach it. Our professional team will provide an extensive range of guidance and support to take your business to the next level.


Complete Transformation

Real business transformation through discoveries and innovation. Our expertise and offerings will supercharge your business.


What to expect

We focus on the future while you and your team maintain the present.

Synthesize data points: We compile and comb through the details to provide insights, not just numbers.

Solve Resource Constraints: We complement, not compete with internal teams.


Garner Executive Buy-In: We test concepts before you make a large investment in resources.


Results Focused: We are hyperfocused on increasing revenue, lead generation and breaking down barriers


C-Suite Experience: We have corporate experience ranging from start-ups to Fortune companies, public to private, and one country to the entire world.


Immediate Impact: We will hit the ground running with quick wins.


Client Satisfaction: We work with an exclusive set of clients so we can provide personal attention and a stellar experience.


Why work with us?

At Serendipity Interactive, we bring strategy to life by helping executives make fortunate discoveries for their business by focusing on the future while they maintain the present.



Are you ready to make a fortunate discovery?

Thank you. We will be in touch soon.

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