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We help firms focus on innovation for the future while they maintain their present.


Innovation is important to keep your company moving forward. We can step in and make things happen – without the investment of a new division or employees. 


We can alleviate the pressure for your internal teams and provide a great sounding board for new ideas.  We complement your teams and do a smooth transition when its over.


We have people with the track record and can get the job done – the people you would hire if you could.


Get to market faster, get a step up on the competition and ensure your future success. All while keeping your current team focused on what they need to do – keep your business running.

Serendipity Interactive is a company that is driven by innovation. We don’t accept the status quo. Dr. Tammara Combs has a history of creating innovation and thinking beyond what is available today in terms of technology. We want to help companies dream big and innovate so that they can grow. Using a proprietary methodology developed by Dr. Combs, we get companies to look at what they are doing today and reinvent themselves.

Why Serendipity Interactive?

Some of the firms who have made fortunate discoveries.



Beats by Dre

Fuel in a Bottle


Global Innovations




Stand Up Lake Norman



Are You Ready For Innovation?

We have worked with many clients that have made significant investments in research. In large companies, we have found multiple departments can be conducting similar research without realizing it. In smaller companies, they have commissioned research which was returned in a sea of numbers of statistics that they aren't sure if their questions were answered or not. Many companies collect their own data from their internal systems and aren't sure what to do with it.


Large or small, companies struggle with how to use data. This is where we come in. We interpret data to help companies make sound business decisions. Where to invest. What product to release first. What type of marketing campaign makes the most sense for their company. And more.


We turn data into insights into strategy. So you can realize innovation and success. 

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