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The team

Our team has a track record in the corporate world and have led innovation teams, marketing teams, managed start-ups, and helped big companies get bigger. We have a network of technologists, digital marketers, researchers and programmers. We see ourselves as the quick strike team of the corporate world. 

Who we are

At Serendipity we are a small firm with an eye for the world, we prioritize and help you achieve the desired solutions, the workable element within your thought process is brought out, it’s honed in on, made perfect and spread.  We develop strategies to match products and services with the right customers. Headquartered north of Charlotte, NC, Serendipity Interactive is in good company with 8 companies from the Fortune 500 list.


Who we serve

We are dedicated and experienced in working with small start-ups to Fortune's top companies to achieve profitable results. Serendipity Interactive was founded in 2010 and has served organizations throughout the United States and globally.


Serendipity Interactive Management Consulting
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Tel: 704-230-2352

516 River Hwy Ste D #231
Mooresville, NC 28117

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