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Workshops & Speaking Engagements

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Our proprietary Fortunate Discoveries Workshop helps firms get to their answers sooner.

As a C-Level Executive, you can sleep at night with our Fortunate Discovery Engagement because we help you build your future while you maintain the present. 


We offer a unique way to solve today’s business problems with innovation and strategy.  Our Fortunate Discoveries Workshop is a proven proprietary methodology that provides clients with a unique experience to get to make the discoveries about their business. These discoveries help them grow, solve problems and get to the essence of what they do and why they do it.


From the discoveries, we provide strategic plans and roadmaps that move companies and clients forward. We always take into consideration internal staff and ensure smooth hand-offs, so programs can integrate into an organization.

Why Serendipity Interactive?



Our Fortunate Discoveries Workshop takes your goals and vision and applies innovation to ensure you and your team walk away with a plan. Most executives we work with walk away with a renewed energy and excitement about their business.


Dr. Tammara Combs also is available for speaking engagements on innovation,.


Some of the firms who have made fortunate discoveries.



Beats by Dre

Fuel in a Bottle


Global Innovations




Stand Up Lake Norman



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