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Building your Marketing Strategy

So you have a new product/ business that you know consumers are going to love! How are you going to tell them about yourself though? Hmmm. This is where many go wrong unfortunately. The development of your marketing is key to your marketing, in fact the development is the most important part. Let's discuss these 5 steps in a little more detail.

Marketing is a consistently moving part of your business. The moment it is stagnant is the moment your business will start to decline. No matter where you are at within your marketing we can help you improve and clarify your plans.

Your Ideal Customer: Who is your ideal customer? The simple answer is the one that is buying but that is not the best answer. When you are thinking about your ideal customer you need to think about who will best benefit from your product and be a returning customer. It is always cheaper to keep a customer vs advertising for new ones. No one can succeed in trying to be the right fit for everyone.

Choosing Your Marketing Channels: How many marketing channels are you using? Are you a kid in a candy store and wanting to market on ALL channels possible. Here is a little hint, Pick 3. In spreading your resources to thin by advertising everywhere you will lose frequency. People do not remember the first time they see an ad but they will remember an ad they see often. Think back to Superbowl's, Doritos always run more then one ad and are willing to put a lot of eggs in that basket because they are remembered. Do you plan to reach out via Social Media Channels? How about a little email and phone calls?

Quarterly Marketing Campaign: Do you have the top content for your ads? How long do you really expect that to last? There is always new information, new technology, new everything coming out. If you are expecting what you did yesterday to be the best product tomorrow then you will slowly fizzle into the past. Create time frames to hold yourself accountable in the progress of your company.

Managing Your Marketing Tasks: With your time frames it is important to set your self as the standard. If you are not managing yourself correctly you cannot expect others to do a better job. You want to make sure there is a clear tie to all of your tasks and clear instructions for your team on how to implement your plans. If you take it all on yourself you will inevitability get lost in the details.

Optimizing Real-Time: Work ahead of your schedule. Know and embrace the fact that there are always going to be things that come up and take you a little off track. If you have executed a little ahead of time then you can adapt to the changes on time instead of being behind the curve ball.

We understand that there is a lot of time, work and effort involved in creating the right marketing plan for your business. It helps to have that outsider looking in and refocusing on the big picture to then narrow in on the smaller details.


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