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Why we are here...

At Serendipity Interactive, we specialize in amplifying great ideas. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we know how to great ideas in the front of the right customers. We work on your future while you maintain the present.

We are a technology consulting firm that helps companies define and bring that strategy to life by bridging the gap between data and decisions.

Working with our clients, we make sense of their data, delivering experiential marketing plans that result in unique, profitable and engaging customer experiences. We want your customers to engage with your brand, period. Having a great brand experience is important to your success. Our focus is to encourage their participation with your mission and goals in mind. Participation leads to long term brand identity that will yield profits for years to come.

Our services are backed by years of experience that span across many verticals.

What is different about us? That is where our proprietary process comes in, because we take the journey with you. We develop the strategy and adjust along the way and in the end we know you will see results, but the exact path to get there may surprise you. If you want a specific path and timeline upfront with no changes, then we are not the company for you. If you understand the strategy is set, but the execution may need to be adjusted along the way, and expect the results will speak for themselves, then call us to explore with us what your future can hold.

Our logo is a reminder that a diamond starts out as a simple piece of carbon, but ends being something that is multifaceted and no two are the same…that is Serendipity Interactive. Your strategy will be multifaceted and unique to you and your goals.

Contact us to start your exploration today.


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